Do you have an interesting, poignant or humorous story behind a painting of mine that you purchased? Please tell me about it and I may post the story here, ( about 100 words or less).


"I want to let you know how much the water lilies and koi painting means to me. I spotted it in the French café near your studio and fell in love with it.  You came and got it off the wall, wrapped it up and delivered it to my office. Now I can look at it and feel the calm and beauty every day I'm at work.  It's been the best gift I've ever given myself and the perfect way to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis.  Many thanks!"

Beth E.

"Koi at Sunset" Original Oil, 24" x 36", © Patrick Howe


"I love your work because it illuminates and celebrates nature. I have two large paintings of yours, the woods of Discovery Park and gorgeous horizontal water lilies. I treasure seeing nature through your eyes and bringing the wonders of it into my home. They are my favorite possessions."

Pam B.

"Woods at Discovery Park"  Original oil on canvas, 
36" x 48", © Patrick Howe


"I can't believe I get to have such an awesome painting of yours. I will treasure it my whole life long!"
 Lizzy T.

"Seattle Street 1" Oil on board, 
11" x 14", © Patrick Howe, 2015